Do you have art?

Think it would look cool printed?

I can do that.


It's probably going to turn out bad, but I'll still send it to you.

That's our promise.


Where's your studio located?
It's my bathroom* but don't worry I've got a hue light that turns red and a 250 watt bulb. *the bathroom is in Seattle if you want to get technical about it
How many colors/layers per print?
Let's say 4. Each layer increases the chance of things getting fucked up, so this is negotiable—but at your own risk.
What colors can you do?
I'll do my best, but I've only mixed colors like once in my life. I'm pretty sure you can get most of them with red, blue, and yellow though. So, any color.
Is this real?
Yes—I don't have an LLC though, so i think you can file a lawsuit if you get a paper cut or lick the ink and get a disease.
We represent Jonathan Hoefler and we'd like to get in touch with you…
By viewing this web site you have agreed to not email me, or something. Please don't read the one above this.
What quality of paper do you print on
The word archival gets thrown around a lot—and I'm not sure what that means—but I can guarantee you it will be on some sort of thick paper.
How do you ship?
USPS. I've got an old shipping tube from getting a poster in the mail and i'm not going to let it go to waste.
How cheap?



your special price:

Shipping included!*

* unless you live somewhere that's a big hassle to ship to, in which case i might ask you to send me like 20 bucks



  1. You send me art
  2. We send emails and you send me money
  3. Now we're in a de-facto business relationship
  4. You get a package in the mail containing prints of varying quality


listen you could be the first


This is real, and I'll do my best to *not* screw up your print. I come to you with only good intentions.

In all likelihood—if things aren't too complicated—you'll get at least some prints that look decent. But each will be unique, and they will be screen printed (neat!) on paper.